2 Apples A Day Kelowna

“Health is inner peace.
Healing is letting go of fear.”


Zu Peters

Counselling and
Personal Growth

Kelowna, B.C.

2 Apples A Day Kelowna

“Health is inner peace.
Healing is letting go of fear.”


Zu Peters

Counselling and
Personal Growth

Kelowna, B.C.

The 2020 Malaysian Adventure

16 nights CAD $2800 Encouraged and inspired by a couple of friends, I have designed a trip to SE Asia and would like to invite like minded like hearted people to join me in a group adventure to Malaysia and Singapore. This exploration is both internal and external in nature, as we start off with a 2 day workshop/retreat called Meeting Me. (see description below) Both countries are inhabited mainly by three ethnic groups – the Malays, Chinese and East Indians. Three completely different cultures, appearances and languages and are full of diversities and rich in cultural traditions. We will be spending most of the 16 planned days in Malaysia. Although my parents were Malaysians, I was born in Singapore, am a Malay by birth and Malay is my mother tongue.

Zu Peters

MA Counselling Psychology
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Meeting Me

This is a 2 day weekend which will unfold processes to reveal the question:

Who am I?

You meet people all the time, but have you really consciously met yourself?

Are you making decisions in your life – eg. Your job, your friends, your activities, your partners, etc. based on the full knowledge of who you are, or on an outdated image, an unquestioned habit or understanding of yourself?

You may believe you know yourself and give answers and make decisions based on that understanding of yourself. What if that understanding is not the full truth of who you are, but was more a “costume” given by others to you? Or you have given yourself that limiting “costume” and fit into that costume your entire life?

What if your understanding of yourself is based on past traumatic experiences that you are trying to forget or cope with, and you are creating realities on the current moment based on the past, which may still seem very real and threatening in the present moment?

This program is based on cognitive and experiential learning with a flair on mindfulness, a newly rediscovered method of attaining self awareness and self regulation very quickly and effectively.

You will be learning and practising with tools that is guaranteed to improve your life and relationships if you are willing to apply them.

Thursday, February 13 – Tuesday, February 18 (6 nights)

We start on a beautiful island in north west Malaysia, called Langkawi. It is about an hour flight from Singapore. Langkawi is lush and green, and lined with beautiful sandy beaches.

We shall be starting with a 2 day retreat/workshop with the theme “Meeting Me” (starting Saturday, February 14). Description above.

After the workshop is over, we will spend a couple more days exploring Langkawi. Some of our options are:

  • mangrove forest and cave exploring
  • half day island hopping to some of their historical sites and places of interest
  • Or you may choose to do what many love to do– just relax on the beach or by the infinity pool, reading or doing nothing.

Wednesday, February 19 – Thursday, February 20 (2 nights)

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. It is a bustling city with lots to do and see. We fly to Kuala Lumpur from Langkawi (flight is included in the amount you pay) at 10.45 am and arrive in KL at 12.15 pm.

There are many interesting options to do in KL. We will give more details closer to the date.

A planned activity I am excited about is that on one afternoon, we will be going to the house of a Malay cook to learn Malay cooking and dine on what we create together under her instructions.

Friday, February 21 – Sunday, February 23 (3 nights)

Taman Negara is the oldest rainforest in the world. It covers some parts of the central mountain range called Gunung Tahan. The journey there includes a 3 hour upstream boat ride.

Among the activities we will partake in are a night jungle walk, a jungle trek, a visit to a village of Orang Asli (natives of Malaysia), a waterfall and a night safari.

On Monday, February 24th we will be taking a bus to the east coast of Malaysia, to a town called Kuantan.

Monday, February 24 – Thursday, February 26 (3 nights)

Kuantan is a beautiful coastal town on the east coast. We shall spoil ourselves at the Hyatt Regency Hotel situated on one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast, Teluk Chempedak. The hotel has a beach front and there is plenty of time to relax on the beach or in the pool, or do one of the following activities:

  • Pandan Waterfalls and Panching Caves which houses a huge statue of the reclining Buddha. Maybe a swim in the natural pool made by the waterfalls.
  • 5 hours tour in Kuantan Town and Cherating Village which is well known for its handcrafts – local grass craft and batiks. We can see how these are created. After that, we will be visiting the Beserah fishing village and see the drying process of salt fish, a local delicacy. This is followed by a short drive to Black Rock Beach and Tanjung Api Fishing jetty, and a scenic drive through a residential suburbs.
  • Or just relax in sun on the beach or by the pool.
From Kuantan, we will be taking a coach/bus to Singapore.

Thursday, February 27 – Saturday, February 28 (2 nights)

Our last 2 nights will be spent in Singapore. If you are not tired of sight seeing, there are many interesting sights to see in Singapore. It offers a very efficient public transportation of buses, trains and taxis, at affordable prices.

It might be interesting to take a half day city tour to get an impression of this expanding city. Singapore is only 25 miles by 44 miles and houses about 5 million people. Some sights that may interest you:

  • Cloud Forest
  • Supertree Grove
  • Gardens by the bay
  • Singapore Botanical Garden

Saturday, February 28th is our last night in Singapore. You may stay longer if you wish. Or take a flight to Indonesia or Thailand to do more exploration. Our journey together as a group ends on Saturday, February 28th.

Cost of tour: $2800

(begins on Langkawi Island, ending in Singapore)

I suggest going to the website www.cheapoair.com or www.skyscanner.com to book a reasonably priced direct flight to Langkawi.

E.g Air Asia flight Singapore-Langkawi is CAD$ 88.
Skyscanner offers Kelowna to Singapore return for $976 (Westjet and Philippines Air and $1191 (Singapore Airline and Canadian Air)

Included in price:

  • all hotel accomodation (2 persons per room). At least 4 star (except in Taman Negara)

  • all inland transport costs between towns, etc. Including the flight from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur
  • one tour of your choice from our offered program per town/city we visit
  • A total of 16 breakfasts, 6 set lunches, 6 set dinners. (alcohol not included)
  • the Meeting Me 2 days personal growth workshop in Langkawi
  • morning Kundalini yoga lessons as space permits
  • depending on interest, your own personal counselling sessions with me, as time and program permits, on a first come first served basis.