2 Apples A Day Kelowna

“Health is inner peace.
Healing is letting go of fear.”


Zu Peters

Counselling and
Personal Growth

Kelowna, B.C.

2 Apples A Day Kelowna

“Health is inner peace.
Healing is letting go of fear.”


Zu Peters

Counselling and
Personal Growth

Kelowna, B.C.

Counselling Services

In my role as a counsellor, I will use a combination of therapy methods suitable to your situation and personality; family systems, emotion focused, cognitive behavioural, psychosynthesis, mindfulness, existential, psycho dynamic and experiential, just to mention a few.

In layman’s terms, I use these therapy orientations to facilitate the answers and truths that are already within you to face your current situation and to create the best conditions for yourself in your personal, family, social and professional life. This is done by uncovering layers or patterns that are hindering you and then creating an awareness and new responses in place of the ones which are not optimal for you.

I work within a transpersonal framework, which focuses on the highest human potential and a holistic lens to see the gifts in challenges. This is done guided from a base of respecting and trusting your journey, both emotional and spiritual.


Individual counselling is beneficial for people in the following situations:

  • Experiencing emotional or psychological stresses
  • Wanting to reflect on their lives or current difficult situation within a confidential and safe space
  • Wanting to better understand and improve their current life conditions
  • Facing emotional imbalances reflected in
– depression 
| anxiety
 | self esteem and self acceptance issues 
| deep grief from loss and death
 | trauma symptoms
 | life transitions
 | crisis and stress
 | personality disorders
 | communication challenges in significant relationships
 | co-dependency


Group process is a special form and very effective therapy in which a small group of people meet under my facilitation over a predetermined period of time, in a mutually reflective and deep awareness process.

I have a deep passion and talent for group work and have had the privilege of being mentored by some of the best teachers in this field.

Through the  sharing of thoughts, ideas and experiences in honesty and authenticity, the process of mirroring happens, which is one of the most powerful way to learn about ourselves.

This process when successfully unfolded is powerful and transformative.


Couples counselling is an extremely helpful process which can bring understanding and new awareness to a love relationship, whether a couple is in distress or experiencing a good relationship and wanting to  reach a deeper level of co-commitment and love.

Couples often accumulate grievances over a period of time because attempts to resolve them on their own are challenging. Counselling provides a safe space for these to be brought up, adequately listened to, discussed and resolved.

I specialize in couples therapy and encourage couples to use counselling sessions as a healthy space for difficult couples conversations to take place.


When a decision to end a relationship or marriage has been taken, mediation work involves accessing a safe space for couples to work in a mutually reflective manner towards a peaceful and respectful closure.

Unresolved emotional issues and incomplete difficult couples conversations are often the reason for lengthy legal battles and feelings of unforgiveness and anger.

I work at dissolving emotional blocks which may be preventing the process of a peaceful and mutually resolved closure.


INDIVIDUAL– $130  + GST per hour

COUPLES– $140 + GST per hour

If it is helpful for you, I am delighted to give a first time 15 minutes free phone consultation or we can meet for a cup of tea!

Professional Disclosure Statement


In the course of therapy, there is a good chance that you will encounter emotional and other discomforts. “It may get worse before it gets better” is the motto I will use here. Your work with me may be pointed to areas that are very painful to you, often a crucial part of therapy.

It is important to consider this in making a decision for change and improvement. There are no guarantees that counselling will help you. What would contribute to success is for both of us to work closely, honestly and trustingly together, despite our human shortcomings and challenges.

I believe that the potential benefit of a new and happier perspective on life will far outweigh this temporary discomfort.


An alternative for people who are not able to make office visits, I offer online counselling through Zoom, a free, well known video conferencing program which allows us to see and hear each other and is the next best thing to in-person visits.